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[This page and 4 linked ones have been transferred from the original website which began at the end of 2001 and is no longer maintained.]

This is a website of all known Danger Man, Secret Agent and Destination Danger merchandise, memorabilia and collectibles, from over 40 years. There are 270+ images on the next 4  pages.

2017 revised and updated Patrick McGoohan biography. With new foreword by Catherine McGoohan and contributions, plus new photos (previous foreword by Peter Falk is included). It is now 10 years since the 2007 first edition, and the new book covers the period after that, the actor's passing in 2009 and the years up to the present time, his legacy.

The contents are up to August 2017, in time for the 50th anniversary of the first screening of "The Prisoner" in Canada on 5th September, 1967 and the British one on 29th. The book cover has the same dimensions as the now out of print first edition. The new edition is available from: www.sixofone-escape.co.uk/escape-books.htm

Prices including UK postage and Air Mail outside UK: 11.99 UK, 15.99 Europe, 18.49 North America and Rest of World.

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REVIEWS AND RADIO INTERVIEWS: www.patrickmcgoohan.org.uk

Not all images are to scale and magazine articles, or features in annuals, are excluded. There were several mid-sixties TV stars books and annuals with Danger Man features, but with no cover picture and so these are not included here. With some musical versions of a theme or song there were UK and US releases, although details are not known in every case, or regarding all formats (e.g. Secret Agent Man by Bruce Willis). Stills and scripts from the ITC archive are omitted, being numerous, as are most backs and insides of items.

Images are in no particular order and with musical offerings not every type of each release is shown (e.g. audio tape, or low-price 'own label' covers or collections). Not included are tunes or songs recorded independently of the series, but which are heard during an episode. However, cover versions of main themes or songs performed by other artists are included (e.g. the High Wire theme spawned many recordings). Where an item is known of, but no picture is available, a 'blank' is inserted. Thanks to Matt Courtman for some images from www.danger-man.co.uk

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