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2019 - Six of One's 42nd birthday (began the Sixth of the First 1977) - Hon Pres Patrick McGoohan (1977 - 2009)

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"The Prisoner" music editor on nearly all of the series' episodes, ERIC MIVAL has not been our PortmeiriCon guest for 25 years and so Six of One is delighted to welcome him back for our 2019 Prisoner convention.
Celebrating the classic TV series "The Prisoner" - glossy magazines and conventions in Portmeirion, where the series was filmed, with invited guests from the cast and crew - enrolling over 50,000 members since 1977. Six of One is the official and only "Prisoner" society which enthusiasts can join as members and Patrick McGoohan was the society Honorary President from 1977 until his passing in 2009. His daughter Catherine McGoohan was our special guest at PortmeiriCon 2014.
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2019 CONVENTION DATES - 5, 6, 7 April
register at: www.sixofone.co/conventions.html
Join Six of One online at www.sixofone.co

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Society membership equiries: membership.6of1@btinternet.com        Magazine communications: orange-alert@hotmail.com
General society enquiries/responses: sixofone.pr@btinternet.com      US contact: prisonerappreciationsociety@gmail.com
Convention enquiries/registration: pris.convention@btinternet.com    Convention accommodation: YVCNumber18@gmail.com
    sixofone_promo_front.jpg (44931 bytes)      sixofone_promo2_front.jpg (81397 bytes) Unstoppable Cards are offering 15% discount on Prisoner products using checkout code sixofone and the two exclusive Six of One promo cards above will be provided free with orders. The cards are also available from this website's memorabilia page or on eBay with user name sixofone601.

36 IMAGES FROM 2018 PORTMEIRICON ARE AT   www.portmeiricon.com


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In collaboration with the “Prisoner” music editor Eric Mival, this limited edition 3 CD release of the complete series’ music cues presents all the Chappell Music Library cues. The discs carry nearly 3 hours of music as the tracks appear in full, not just excerpts. The project was completed following painstaking research by Derek Lawton. The set comes in an upright ‘DVD style’ case with a 56 page colour glossy booklet, giving an episode by episode listing of the music cues, including also the original soundtrack. Eric Mival contributed a special introduction and liner notes. Originally available only by post by personal application at £26.99 plus £1.99 postage. Available here at the much reduced price of £5.99, plus postage for each applicable country. Ordering details here.
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New - 2017 revised and updated Patrick McGoohan biography, with new foreword and contributions by Catherine McGoohan, plus new photos.

"The extended biography I have read now completely. The new frame makes the work even more interesting and it's actually perfectly rounded now

It is  over 10 years since the 2007 first edition, and the new book covers the period after that, the actor's passing in 2009 and the years up to the present time, his legacy. The book cover has the same dimensions as the out of print first edition.

Available from Escape Books.

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The Prisoner Mini Moke HLT 709C restored by Philip M. Caunt, co-owners Philip M. Caunt and Jeremy Guy

2017 CONVENTION - Six of One's annual Prisoner event was enjoyed once more in Portmeirion, with special guest Christopher Benjamin (middle photo, bottom row). Pictures below by Arno Baumgärtel (left in 6th photo). 24 new 2018 convention images are at www.portmeiricon.com

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